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We are builders, not just backers.

At Criterionstar Capital , we recognize—and then work to make real—world-shifting potential that is not yet obvious to everyone else.

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Deep Domain Focus

Help skating to where the puck is going with deep expertise in machine Intelligence, embedded fintech, next-gen data infrastructure, B2B marketplaces and more.

Hands-on Partnership

Targeted support at every step of a company’s journey, from founding to IPO.

Dedicated Talent Team

Access to our deep talent networks across all levels, support building recruiting foundations, and strategic talent advisory.

Proprietary Customer Development

Exposure to a wide spectrum of tech buyers, including tailored introductions, executive briefings, and demo days to help accelerate sales pipelines and drive revenue.

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Criterionstar Capital Network

Connections to hundreds of potential customers and partners in the Criterionstar Capital portfolio, and a network of over 1000 professionals worldwide.

Market Expertise

Ensure the project which we invest in to obtain the outstanding achievement. Adhere to the highest professional standards.

Cooperate with disruptive founders to deliver their ideas to market.

Focus on disruptive opportunities

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Back and Better Than Ever: Highlights From Our 7th Annual Fintech Demo Day

NYC in fall was the perfect backdrop for our annual Fintech Demo Day, which we hosted at Jazz @ Lincoln Center with our friends at Nyca Partners and QED Investors in mid-October. After several years of virtual events, we decided to lean in this year and leverage this incredible venue with our largest-ever audience and roster of presenting companies. With 500+ attendees, representing leading financial institutions and VCs, 29 presenting companies, and over 250 one-on-one meetings, it was an extremely productive and busy day for all involved.


Embedded Finance: What It Takes to Prosper in the New Value Chain

As this market expands, success will hinge on rethinking the risk and brand calculus, embracing different integration models, and understanding where to play.

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What’s next for Shopify?

A week and a half ago, Shopify released its Q2 Earning’s report and shares sank 14% on the day after the company announced it plans to lay off 10% of its global workforce (~1,000 employees). CEO Tobi Lutke acknowledged that he and his executive team had overestimated the long-standing success that e-commerce would have in a post-pandemic world, and that the mix of online spend versus in-store would “permanently leap ahead by 5 or even 10 years.” Unsurprisingly, consumer behavior is returning to the new-normal — which is a healthy mix of in-store shopping and e-commerce that is attributing to the 9.1% increase to CPI over the last 12 months (brutal).


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